Life in the AI Era project offers this course freely online, providing a platform for interactive forums, and learners may self-organize their participation and learning pace


  • The Age of Data and the Impact of Cyber-Physical Systems Appearances in the 4th
    Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0
  • Impact on business: effects on customer expectations, product enhancement, collaborative
    innovation, and organizational forms. Global platforms and new business models
  • Implications for governance: effects on further public policy objectives and assist the public in interacting with the government by intelligent interfaces. Benefits and socioeconomic risks
  • Impact on skills & competencies: effects on shifting education systems’ priorities, when 50% of jobs could be lost, and 2/3 could have 30% of their activities automated by 2030
  • Impact on people & lifestyle: effects requiring AI

We start the pilot course in English on 13th March 2023.

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Life in the AI Era project brings you a new learning option to enrich your competencies

Artificial intelligence has emerged in almost every area of life in the last decade due to the total amount of data, the development of computing capabilities, algorithms, and the increasingly seamless interconnection of different techniques. These fundamentally change the future of the world of work.
Workers need to know about the relationship and collaboration between humans and AI.

This new MOOC promotes extensive knowledge, critical reflection and debate on AI and its key impacts on society, addressing the lecturers, higher education students, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) students and other interested stakeholders, thus broadening the understanding of the main developments and the future of AI.

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