HEDY’s participation in the SEFI 2022 conference

The SEFI Annual Conference is a scientific conference focused on Engineering Education and the biggest event of this type in Europe. SEFI Annual Conferences are a unique opportunity for professors, students, industry and professional organisations to exchange their views and to meet their peers and create a European network of contacts.

HEDY participated in the SEFI 2022 conference and presented the following manuscript:

First result of the Erasmus+ HEDY project”

HEDY – Life in the AI era is a 2-year Erasmus+ project started in November 2021
targeting higher education audience. Its goal is to offer a comprehensive and shared
view of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting our lives and reshaping our
socioeconomic, cultural, and human environments and to define which topics related
to AI are of interest to different university studies and how they should be addressed.

Four specific free and accessible sources of information will be produced to reach
these goals, the first of which is the Booklet, the subject of this paper. The Booklet is
an essay defining the HEDY position on life in the AI era and its aim is to identify the
challenges, opportunities and expected impact of AI on four different areas: business,
governance, skills & competencies, and people & lifestyle. In this paper, we
summarise the content of the Booklet. In particular, we describe our methodology to
build our rationales based on collecting information from two sources: i) Literature
survey, and ii) Focus groups. These two sources provide a unique contribution on AI
panorama by combining state of the art research with first-hand opinions and debated
questions, concerns, and ideas of interacting individuals. The main finding is that there
is the necessity to train citizens in AI by providing teachings, courses and trainings in
schools and higher education institutes to facilitate the use and adoption of AI for
young people and future generations.

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